Penalty Relief

The IRS can remove previous monetary penalties under specific circumstances. Find out if you qualify!

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You may qualify for Penalty Abatement

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How does Penalty Abatement Work?

The IRS allows taxpayers who have maintained tax compliance (followed the law) to apply and receive penalty abatement. With the right help and resources, this is a manageable process and we can help get it started.

How to get Penalty Relief Approved?

The IRS has different types of penalty relief. For someone who never received a penalty before, they may be eligible for First Time Penalty Abatement, whereas others may need to apply for reasonable cause or statutory exceptions.

The penalty and interest amounts will be listed on an IRS notice. This notice will clearly explain why and how the penalties and fees were calculated. It should be noted the IRS is unlikely to charge a penalty against you if you made arrangements or are being proactive about paying any taxes to the agency.

If you need help with Penalty Abatement, contact us today and we can discuss your specific tax case.

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