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Compassionate and supportive tax preparation service

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Compassionate and supportive tax preparation service

Our compassionate and supportive tax preparation service, specially crafted for individuals facing severe financial distress and seeking assistance. At our core, we understand the challenges that come with financial hardship, which is why we’re offering this service completely free of charge.

Who is this service for?

Individuals in Severe Financial Distress: If you’re experiencing overwhelming financial challenges, our service is here to provide much-needed support. Struggling with Tax Preparation Costs: For those unable to afford professional tax preparation assistance due to financial difficulties. Navigating Tough Financial Circumstances: If you’re facing job loss, medical bills, unexpected crises, or other hardships impacting your finances, our service aims to alleviate some of the burden.

What we offer:

Completely Free Tax Preparation: Our dedicated team offers comprehensive tax preparation services at no cost, ensuring you have the support you need during challenging times. Expert Guidance and Support: Despite the service being free, rest assured, you’ll receive professional and meticulous assistance with your tax preparation needs. Compassionate Understanding: We approach your situation with empathy and understanding, providing a non-judgmental environment where you can seek help without any financial strain. Personalized Assistance: Our team works to understand your specific circumstances, offering tailored guidance and assistance to navigate your tax requirements effectively. A Helping Hand: Our aim is to provide a helping hand during difficult times, allowing you to focus on stabilizing your financial situation without worrying about the cost of tax preparation. We believe that everyone deserves support during challenging times. Our free tax preparation service is our way of extending a helping hand to individuals facing severe financial distress, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need without any financial burden. Note: We aim to provide this service to three to five individuals or families in need each year. Acceptance into this program is on a case by case basis.
Dylan Quintilone

Dylan Quintilone

Enrolled Agent

My name is Dylan and I work as an Enrolled Agent. I help taxpayers reduce their tax bills and maximize their refunds. I live between Orlando, Florida and Medellin, Colombia. Hablo espanol. When sign up as a new client, you work directly with me.

The focus of my firm is to help individuals with IRS tax debt and overseas tax filers. If you need help with your taxes, please fill in the contact form below and I will reach out.

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